Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You are Not Alone: Coping with Mother's Day

To someone waiting to adopt Mother's Day can be the cruelest day of the year.  Mothers, Mothers everywhere, but at your house!  You can't get away from them.  If you attend a house of worship it can even be worse.  There you sit...aching in your heart to be a mom...while all around you other women are honored by their families and the worship leaders.  Oldest Mom, Youngest Mom, Mom with the Most Children - all receiving special attention... and yet, you sit alone in your pew, heart breaking, tears flowing. Yearning.  To wear that orchid corsage.  To be served a breakfast in bed of burnt toast, lumpy oatmeal and smiles from your family.  To go out to lunch and smile a smile of comraderie with the other moms.  The smile that says "we are all members of the same club.  Solidarity sister."

What can you do?  How do you get through this day?  Nothing can take your pain away, but these suggestions might help you get through the day.

1.  Make the focus of the day honoring your own mother.
2.  Acknowledge how you feel and know that it is OK. And feel free to express those feelings.
3.  Make a choice as to how YOU will spend your day.  If you don't want to be around a large family gathering full of children, don't force yourself to do so.
4.  Change your environment.  Maybe even take a trip or do something that day you wouldn't normally do. 
5.  Pamper yourself.
6.  Know that you are not alone. 

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