Thursday, April 14, 2011

Resource Thursday - Music and Your Toddler

Continuing from last week in our blog series on Music and Your Child, this week we are sharing resources for music and your toddler (ages 4-6). 

When their children are 4 or 5 many parents wonder if this is a good age for starting instrumental (piano, violin) lessons for their child.  Most teachers will tell you the best time to start lessons for a child is when he or she ASKS!  Nothing is ever more frustrating than a daily battle with your child over practice sessions.  Wait until your child expresses an interest and that is half the battle!

Toddlers love music.  They will sing, they will make up songs.  There small and large motor skills can be enhanced by music.  Sing your favorite song while you march around the room.  Use songs with handmotions like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". 

You can make a drum out of an empty oatmeal container.  Put dried beans on a paper plate, top with another paper plate and staple the edges shut - you have a tambourine.  Place a piece of tissue paper over a comb and you have a kazoo. 

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