Thursday, February 17, 2011

Resource Thursday- February 17, 2011

Every Thursday, Hope Cottage shares resources for parents, adoptive or otherwise.  Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions - we must just include them in a future post!

You made it through the first 8 – 10 months with your baby. Congratulations! You’re starting to feel a sense of growing confidence in this parenting thing – your baby has become more predictable, and she’s a lot of fun, too.  She isn’t tiny anymore – she can crawl, sit in her high chair, and explore around the house. But wait a second – she’s fussing and clinging a lot all of a sudden, plus she’s been waking more at night again. “She must be sick!” you think. But her doctor checks her out – and gives her a clean bill of health. No, it’s not her teeth or her ears. It’s her brain – growing in leaps and bounds.  Click here to read more about "Why Normal Babies Cling and Fuss" from Health Tap Blog.

"How Stress Affects Our Children".  Read what Dr. Michelle Borba has to say on the subject on her blog. 

Homework Hassles - How to Minimize Them from 

The Pain of Playdate Parenting:  Disciplining your kids is challenging; disciplining your kids' friends is a headache waiting to happen.

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