Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hope Cottage Staff Feature - Meet Michelle Osborne

Michelle Osborne
At some point, most callers to Hope Cottage have the pleasure of "meeting" Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Osborne.

Michelle has been with Hope Cottage since February 2006 and is an indispensable part of the team.  She assists both the CEO  and the Chief Development Officer, prepares grant submissions, maintains the agency website and donor database, coordinates the agency donor acknowledgement process, assists on Special Events and the ever ubiquitous "and other duties as assigned".

Most of her time away from Hope Cottage is taken up by working with her magician and illusionist husband, Paul, on their production company and mail order company.  When she does have a spare moment, she enjoys cooking and reading.  Michelle and Paul are quite the animal lovers.  Their menagerie includes two dogs, three indoor cats, two aquatic frogs, seven doves and however many neighborhood cats show up every day.

"We could not do our jobs at Hope Cottage without Michelle.", says Chief Development Officer Leslie Clay.  "Her long tenure with the agency is invaluable.  Her thorough knowledge of  the history of the organization is crucial to developing and nurturing relationships with our supporters.  We could not function without her."

Michelle says this about her job:  "I have two favorite things about my job at Hope Cottage.  I have always been impressed with the staff and their dedication to the work they are doing.  Ever since I have been here, Hope Cottage has been staffed by people who sincerely want to help our clients, both birth moms and adoptive parents, make the decision that is the best one for them and consequently, the child.  The second thing I like about my job is that I have the opportunity to learn new things.  I have always felt  the very best way to learn anything is to jump in with both feet and just do it.  Learn from your mistakes and go on.  It keeps your brain flexible and you have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  With a relatively small staff, our jobs keep morphing in order to cover the essentials.  There really is no set routine and boredom is not a problem." 

Hope Cottage is the oldest nonprofit, non sectarian adoption agency in Dallas. Since 1918 Hope Cottage has been building and nurturing strong families through counseling, education and adoption services.

If you have questions about adoption, please call Hope Cottage at 214.526.8721.

If you are a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy and would like to talk to someone about adoption, please call Hope Cottage at 1.800.944.4464 or 214.404.4546.

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