Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Popular Baby Names - Now and Then

Three of our most recent placements at Hope Cottage have been given the name Grace.  It got me to thinking about baby names and what is popular from year to year.  One year while directing a children's choir, I had five, yes count them, five Brittanys in a group of 30 children. 

In the early years babies were given short names at Hope Cottage.  The reasoning?  Their names were written on their bottles and a long name would not fit on the bottle!  Makes sense when you think about it.

Here is the list of the top boy and girl names for 1918 - the first year Hope Cottage was open, followed by a list of the top boy and girl names for 2010 - 92 years later.

Top 10 Baby Names for 1918
Boys                                                                     Girls 
1 John                                                                  1 Mary
2 William                                                              2 Helen
3 James                                                                3 Dorothy
4 Robert                                                               4 Margaret
5 Charles                                                              5 Ruth
6 George                                                              6 Mildred
7 Joseph                                                               7 Virginia
8 Edward                                                              8 Frances
9 Frank                                                                 9 Elizabeth
10 Thomas                                                            10 Anna
Top 10 Baby Names for 2010
Boys                                                                     Girls
1 Aiden                                                                 1 Sophia
2 Jacob                                                                 2 Isabella
3 Jackson                                                              3 Olivia
4 Ethan                                                                  4 Emma
5 Jayden                                                                5 Chloe
6 Noah                                                                  6 Ava
7 Logan                                                                 7 Lily
8 Caden                                                                 8 Madison
9 Lucas                                                                  9 Abigail
10 Liam                                                                 10 Madelyn

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