Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Famous Peeps at Hope Cottage

Everyone always wants to know if any "famous" people have been adopted through Hope Cottage.  Well, let's just say that ALL our Hope Babies are famous, in one way or another (along with being the best, the brightest, the smartest, the cutest babies ever!)  However, searching through the archives yielded a couple of results.  Below is an article dated November 30, 1921 memorializing the visit of actress Leona Powers to Hope Cottage. 

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are probably the most famous Hope Cottage adoptive parents.   Roy was in town for a show.  One of his friends was on the board of Hope Cottage and insisted that Roy come down and see the beautiful babies of Hope Cottage.  According to our files, only one baby in the entire group didn't cry when Roy tickled her under the chin and he decided right then and there that baby needed to come home with him.  Roy later adopted another child from Hope Cottage.  Here is a picture of Roy and Dale at Hope Cottage in the 90's. 

Hope Cottage is the oldest nonprofit, non sectarian adoption agency in Dallas. Since 1918 Hope Cottage has been building and nurturing strong families through counseling, education and adoption services.

If you have questions about adoption, please call Hope Cottage at 214.526.8721.

If you are a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy and would like to talk to someone about adoption, please call Hope Cottage at 1.800.944.4464 or 214.404.4546.

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