Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hope Baby Immortalizes Tom Landry

Shannon Kincaid
First of all, just let me say, that Hope Babies (children adopted from Hope Cottage) are the best, the brightest, the cutest, the most talented!  So, it came as no surprise to the Hope Cottage staff that one of our Hope Babies, Shannon Kincaid, was commissioned to paint a portrait that will be unveiled tonight at the Landry Center to celebrate the 20th year of the Center.  Shannon also painted the picture Oprah Winfrey hung in her girl's school in South Africa.  Click here for a link to that story.  We are so proud of you Shanon and thanks for letting us share photos of your creation!

P.S.  Shannon's adoption story was published in an earlier blog.  Her birth parents reunited  and married after Shannon established contact with them as an adult.

Tom Landry

The Famous Fedora
Closeup of Tom Landry's face

Hope Cottage is the oldest nonprofit, nonsectarian adoption agency in Dallas.  Since 1918, Hope Cottage has been finding permanent, loving homes for children. 

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