Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hope Cottage and the Assistance You Make Possible

This week's Hope Cottage blog is continuing the subject matter begun in last week's blog - clients that have been helped because of YOUR support.  Again, we cannot stress enough how none of this would be possible without your monetary and inkind gifts.  Thank you!

Cindy was 21, seven months pregnant and homeless when she came to Hope Cottage for help.  Her life had been difficult and she was coping the best she could.  Her wordly posessions consisted of a backpack and two threadbare pillowcases containing a few treasured momentos and some clothing.  Cindy had a heart of gold and knew that she wanted the best for her unborn child.  She made an adoption plan to give her child the support, stability and love she never had growing up.  Being part of the foster care system, as she had been, was not the life she wanted for this child. 

Cindy was unable to work due to her stressful pregnancy and could not support herself financially.  A friend could offer her a bed, but Cindy still needed help with rent, utilities, food and clothing.  Your gifts to Hope Cottage,  provided groceries and maternity clothing during the two remaining months of her pregnancy. 

How does this story end?  After giving birth, Cindy placed her child with a loving family, relocated to Ohio where her other three children lived and began her life anew and full of hope - hope that you gave her. 

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