Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Birthmothers Deserve Our Respect

I once sat in on a meeting where adoption was described as needing to have a state of "graciousness".  How very true that is.  Birthmothers must be gracious with the adoptive parents.  Adoptive parents must be gracious with birth families.   In the best interest of the child, all must be granted a place at the table and respond to each other with graciousness.  A recent article in Newsweek gives us food for thought on birthmothers. 

What are your thoughts?  Give us your comments.

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  1. What a powerful article. Too bad more people won't read it. I agree with everything that was said in the article so I'm probably not the person that needs to read it most, although it's always a good reminder. So many people don't understand why birthmothers are willing to create a birthplan for their child and have someone else take care of and raise that child because it's not something they would do. To that, I say, there are lots of things in this world I wouldn't do, but that doesn't mean I can't understand it.

    To me, birthmothers are some of the most selfless people. They are doing something for their child that they feel is the best even though it is heartbreaking to them. They should be applauded for that decision!