Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hope Cottage and the United Way

Hope Cottage has a long history with the United Way - in fact, Hope Cottage is one of the thirteen original United Way agencies, when the United Way was called Community Chest. (Now you know where that came from in your Monopoly game!). Of those original thirteen agencies, Hope Cottage is one of the few still in existence today. Did you know that at one time, donors to the United Way provided the lion's share of the Hope Cottage budget? Try 85% of the monies raised to place children in loving, permanent homes through Hope Cottage came from United Way donations. The United Way of Dallas-Metro will be changing next year. But what doesn't change is that it will still be individuals, like you, who through your donations to the United Way make positive changes in the lives of our fellow citizens. On behalf of these and all the other Hope Babies, we thank you for your support!

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