Wednesday, August 31, 2011

750,000 Teens Pregnant Each Year - What Hope Cottage is Doing About It

In battling the teen pregnancy crises sweeping the nation, Hope Cottage educates teenagers about the realities of the issue.  Did you know that 750,000 girls become pregnant each year in the United States?  Did you know that Dallas is rated the NUMBER ONE city for repeat teen pregnancies in the nation?  Don't feel badly - most teens don't know these facts either.  These numbers are staggering and continue to rise.

Statistics prove teen pregnancy is taxing on both youth and community resources and reflect an overall misunderstanding about the realities of being a teen parent.  To address these issues, Hope Cottage offers a free presentation, Teen Mentoring and Prevention (TMAP).  TMAP focuses on the challenges of teen pregnancy while including an interactive life skills lesson about effective decision making.  TMAP is not a sex education program - it is a fact based, age appropriate discussion about a situation that is too easily becoming the norm.  Teachers appreciate how TMAP complements TEKS objectives.  TMAP empowers teens with the knowledge and skills to confidently advocate for teen pregnancy prevention in both the lives of area teens and the lives of their peers. 

In the 2010-2011 school year,  Hope Cottage  delivered TMAP presentations to more than 1,000 students in schools throughout DFW.  If you are interested in learning more about TMAP or scheduling a presentation, contact Christina Easton at 214.526.8721, ext 203 or

HopeCottage is the oldest nonprofit, non sectarian adoption agency in Dallas. Since 1918 Hope Cottage has been building and nurturing strong families through counseling, education and adoption services.

If you have questions about adoption, please call Hope Cottage at 214.526.8721. 

If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to talk to someone about adoption, please call Hope Cottage at 1.800.944.4464 or 214.404.4546.

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