Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tours, Tours, Tours

Part of the job of the non-profit Development Office is reaching out to the community at large and keeping them informed of what is going on at the agency. Every Development Officer has their "favorite" - newsletters, blogs, tweets, press releases, special events, public speaking - you name it - we are doing it. One of the favorite things we do here at Hope Cottage is to give tours. And let me say, right up front - we don't have babies living here - which considering how much I love rocking babies, is a good thing. Hard to get any work done when you are spending the day nuzzling, rocking and singing! Lots of people want to visit us at Hope Cottage and learn what we do. Hope Cottage has been placing children in homes since 1918 and we are fortunate to have a plethora of historical documentation. Pictures galore and newspaper articles like you wouldn't believe. Reading newspaper articles from the 20's and 30's is fascinating because it provides a glimpse into a world that no longer exists. People find adoption intriguing. Lots of questions that start "I read in the newspaper..." or "I saw this movie on TV..." and we are here to answer their questions. We love sharing our story with our guests and a humbled and honored they take the time to see what we do. We average 2-3 tours a week and love doing them. Come visit us at Hope Cottage - "we'll leave the lights on and the door open."

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