Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teen Pregnancy Rates Right in Our Own Backyard

As Texans, we thrive on being the best at everything. It began even before Texas entered the union as what was then the biggest state and carried on through the days of Friday Night Football and UT championships. And guess what - we are continuing with the "we're number one" attitude - in repeat teen pregnancy rates. Yes, that is right - the state of Texas leads the nation in the number of teenagers having two or more babies before they reach the age of 20. AND, do you care to guess which city is #1 in Texas? - you've got it. Big "D", little "a", double "l" "a" "s". DALLAS.

We can sit here all day and debate all the reasons why teens find themselves pregnant- it doesn't matter. What does matter is that children are having children and they are having more than one while they are still children. Children of teenage parents are more likely to:
1. perform more poorly in school
2. have fewer fine motor skills.
3. have more behavioral problems.
4. be raised in poverty.
5. drop out of school.
6. be incarcerated as adults.
7. be teen parents themselves.

So where does Hope Cottage fit into all this? By offering a free program to area high school and middle school students called "The ABCs of Adoption". This program
de-romanticizes teen pregnancy and also addresses the myths and misconceptions of adoption. Last year close to 1,000 teens went through the program and came out with some great knowledge about what being a teen parent really takes and the fact that adoption is an option for someone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

If you are interested in learning more about this program and education programs offered by Hope Cottage, contact Brooks at 214.526.8721, ext. 212.

And for once, let's let another state be number one!

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